"Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast"


Our Approach:

No matter your specialty, whether it's building widgets, accounting, marketing, computer consulting or sales, you have your skills but you can't do everything.  You need help.  We have a proven process that can help take the guess work out of your most difficult task as a business owner - building a winning team.

Our premise is that a strong team, a strong culture, is something that will attract & retain more quality members and clients.  

FANMAIL:  "After working with Vanessa, I now have a much better idea of what personalities make up my technical team. With this understanding we are positioned to collaborate better and grow with less turmoil. Moving forward we plan on having Vanessa deeply integrated into our hiring process and team building exercises." - Sean Furman, President, STF Consulting

- Peter Drucker



Your #1 Challenge:

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Ask any stake holder what their biggest obstacle in their business and most will say "finding people" or more specifically finding the RIGHT people.

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