Using a proven phased approach, we analyse the composition of a team breaking down the behavioral styles resulting in an understanding of the group dynamics.  We also examine the existing management style that is shaping the team's performance.  A simple individual profile report is then produced per team member.

Once an understanding of the team's make up is reached, you can begin to see strengths and weaknesses (and potential conflicts).  With some mentoring and coaching, team design management can see where complimentary behavioral styles can be added to round out your team.

Vanessa Garner is a TTI certified DISC behavioral consultant as well as a BSc.PT.  



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FAN MAIL: "We have a pretty dynamic team here.  A fairly even mix of GenX & GenY folks.  Wrap that up with a crazy growth pace - hiring an average of one person per week, means we have to do a very good job at recruiting, on-boarding, and culture development.  Vanessa has been a key component of that formula.  She is involved in every recruit, whether we hire them or not.  She also ensures every Wep is properly trained in using DISC behaviour analysis as part of how they interact with the whole team and our clients.  We deem this a crucial part of how IT Weapons has developed an award winning and enviable culture."

  - Mike Dabner, VP Business Operations, IT Weapons